Selected Publications

Droid Mood Swing (DMS) is an operating system component that applies different security policies to detected security modes automatically. DMS uses a context manager that tracks the context of the phone from the available sensors. DMS then determines the security mode from the contexts and can impose a number of security measures.
In ISC, 2017.

Recent Publications

. Towards a Security Architecture for Protecting Connected Vehicles from Malware. In VTC:Spring, 2019.


. Securing Vehicle ECU Communications and Stored Data. In IEEE ICC, 2019.


. Securing web applications with secure coding practices and integrity verification. In DASC, 2018.


. Protecting Internet users from becoming victimized attackers of click-fraud.. In Wiley J Softw Evol Proc., 2017.

PDF Project

. FCFraud: Fighting Click-Fraud from the User Side.. In HASE, 2016.

PDF Project

. Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In Board Of Intermediate And Secondary Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Natundhara, 2013.


Recent & Upcoming Talks


Autonomous/Connected Vehicle Security

Protecting Intra-Vehicle Communication in Connected Cars.

Operating System Security

A Security Framework for Smartphone Operating Systems.

Protecting Devices from Click-Fraud

Protecting end users from becoming victimized attackers of click-fraud.


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